Region-Service  -  manufacturer  of  marking     equipment


S o kompanii 1RIE "REGION-SERVICE" LTD on the market ink jet marking since 1998. We are engaged in the development, implementation and maintenance of industrial equipment, as well as delivery and service vehicles of our partners.

Since the Foundation, we are active participants in the annual international specialized exhibitions and seminars held both in Ukraine and abroad, sharing experiences with industry peers, forging connections with potential clients.

Our task  -  recommend   client   maximum   suitable   equipmentS o kompanii 2 according to the technical conditions, to choose the optimum installation location, the type and color of ink used, to install the device or installed into existing production line, perform maintenance on the installed equipment and supply consumables during   life cycle.

Accumulated over years of work experience of our experts in the shortest possible time to ensure commissioning of the equipment at your facility.

All necessary work associated with maintenance of the installed equipment takes over our service department. If necessary, our specialists are ready to arrive  in any point of Ukraine in the shortest possible time to solve the entire spectrum of technical issues.

Service center

Efficiency of functioning of any project or implemented solution to a great extent  subject to availability and the level of accompanying the project service  service on the willingness of the company to not only   to declare the warranty, but  it is realistic to assume  certain obligations to their clients. 

Service center "Region-Servis" providing a full range of service maintenance, warranty repair, technical support, upgrades supplied machinery and equipment. Data work.  are an integral part of any project company, as our main principle is a comprehensive approach.

S o kompanii

The center has a staff of highly qualified professionals with sufficient knowledge and skills for hardware technical support and resolve problems at an expert level.