Buy marker

S kupit markAn integral part of the production is the labeling of goods. For application to the production of graphic elements used marker. Company "Region-Service" offers its customers several types of devices intended for drawing marking information. The company has ten kinds of devices that differ in their basic characteristics. When you select printer, you should pay attention to: scope; production volumes; type of material that will be marked.

Use markers it is possible for the application of  information on different kinds of material: cardboard, corrugation, fabric, glass, ceramics, cable, etc. the Majority of coders are able to put text on several types of products.

The device may for a long time to work without interruption, providing a reliable and fast operation of the production hall. For marking eggs is a special shuttle mechanism capable of producing the labelling of products placed in trays. If marker this type, you can significantly reduce the time spent on marking. Also, given the opportunity to put information on products at the time of her passing conveyor.  

The most effective will be marker, which during operation is not in contact with the product. This type of marking is called contactless and allows not to damage the product during the application of graphic elements.