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Contactless marking

S beskont markContactless marking – one of the types of application to the goods of various textual and graphical information. Has advantages compared to other types of printing. Allows labeling of products with rough surface. This efficiency is achieved by the features of the printer with contactless method of applying information. Most often a non-contact ink jet printer is. Each image consists of several points that together make up the matrix. The ink in the printing process come under pressure at the nozzle. The generator drops ink places in the correct order, the result is the given pattern.

The advantages of noncontact marking, are that during operation of the printer achieves high speed printing. While marking the product moves through the pipeline, so the work goes quickly and efficiently. Excellent quality printing is achieved due to the great distance between the print head and the surface of the product.

Contactless marking is very easy to get started just enter the data source and clicking one button to start marking printer. The machine allows for microsampling and large character printing without considerable expense in a short period of time.