Ink jet marking

S kapl markInk jet marking - modern technological method of problem solving applying marking elements to the products.  Is a similar type of marking through the use of printers with high performance. Ink jet marking is a method in which to print the printer uses ink. From the cartridge of ink fall on the special delimiters ink, referred to as nozzles. Exactly nozzles separated ink drops that form the matrix of figure.

Under the influence of the electrodes drops being charged with positive charges on the electrodes and are attracted to the surface of the product. Thus, ink jet marking systems perform not only printing using ink, but prints in a contactless manner.

Reasons why you should use ink jet marking systems. First: ease of use and speed of the production process. Second, the clarity of the print is visible on any background. It is this feature shows that ink jet marking - way more effective than laser marking.

Ink jet marking machine able to be applied to the surface of uppercase and lowercase letters, graphic elements, drawings displaying national characters. The process of using fully automated equipment with computer connection software.