Ink jet printer

S kapl printInk jet printer – device for the application of graphical and textual information on the product. Material for printing can be different: cardboard, various kinds of fabric, plywood, foam, etc. i.e., all ink jet printers are versatile and suitable for marking various types of products. ink Jet printer allows to achieve high speed printing during movement of a production pipeline. Thanks to such property, it will bring a lot of trouble. If you buy ink jet printer, no need to worry about constantly changing ink. One litre is enough for printing 90 million characters.

Ink jet printer designed for small and medium-sized enterprises. Provides the opportunity for a perfectly flat print on uneven surfaces. Such a property is achieved by a fairly large distance from the printhead to the surface of the product. The picture is perfectly smooth and clear. 

Ink jet printer to buy and very easy to use, if the control with a computer. The program displays all operations performed by the printer. In the window you can set to print the data.

Ink jet printer it is best to purchase with multiple heads. Printing using a 5 or 6 heads greatly accelerates the process. At the time of their application have the ability to carry out marking in the movement of products through the pipeline.