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Labeling of foods

S mark prod pitLabelling of food products not only provides consumers with information about the product, but also serves as an element of the campaign. Clear and beautiful marking provides information about the quality of the product.  time and date of production - a requirement that extends to the manufacturers.

The most modern and convenient way, which is food labelling – ink jet. During his use contactless method.  It is used to clearly mark uneven surfaces.

Depending on the type of surface packing "Region-Service" offers several types of marking machines, is food labelling.

There are devices with user-friendly interface that allows you to select several options of text and graphic symbols. Also, the range has a manual dater that is used in companies with small production volumes. 

Labelling of food products on a large production is carried out using devices with multiple printheads. They give maximum performance in a short period of time. Machines are used for marking water based ink is resistant to various factors. There is a possibility to print multiple lines with different types of matrix. Some models have a graphical editor to form a pattern type.