Marking metal

S mark metallaWidespread marking of metal, which is the application of text information showing the main characteristics of the goods. Works with labels of metal for different type of industrial products, ranging from tin cans and metal pipes to separate parts of the vehicle, tools and parts.

Among the existing types of marking steel the most in - demand ink jet method. The peculiarity of this type is that the marking of the steel takes place without damaging the surface of the material, keeping all its useful qualities.

The use of ink jet method, the proposed marking printers "Region-Service", allows you to display the information efficiently, thus marking steel  takes place without damaging the surface structure. The result is well displayed, read the information in which each character individually looks clear and bright, also the paint is resistant to harmful factors. 

Printing printers "Region-Service" make  application information simple, thanks to fast print speeds and high-quality software .