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Marking of containers and boxes

S mark taruThe necessary final stage of the manufacturing process is labeling containers. One of the types of products subject to mandatory marking is cardboard. Standard regulations accommodate  on the finished product information about the production date, batch number, type of production etc. This is a binding part, without which to sell your products impossible.

The labelling of the container

Company "Region-Service" offers effective technological solution for industrial marking cardboard – marking  printer PROXIMA A6. The machine performs the process of displaying text on a cardboard products. The printer performs a printing process by a contactless method. For application used water-based ink. Marking machine ensures minimum use of ink, and marking of containers becomes the most cost-effective.  

Marking boxes

the printer is given the opportunity to carry out application of different textual information: uppercase and lowercase letters, text to four lines with a variety of matrices, printing on the material of various national symbols. Marking boxes the printer will be fully automated. In the case when operator intervention is needed, the machine beeps. Cleaning printer nozzles also automated, which greatly simplifies the work. The unit requires connection to your PC and install Windows.