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Marking of goods

S mark tovAn important part of the process is to product labeling. For application information on product use marking printers, the operation of which marks of the goods are non-contact. "Region-Service" offers several types of printing machines, automatic labeling of products manufactured on an industrial scale.

Marking of goods- the request of public authorities, designed to inform consumers about the characteristics of the goods. Today, the product labeling is carried out with the application of basic components: manufacturing date, batch number, national symbols, the end date of use. It is a way to convey accurate information about the manufacturer and the characteristics of the good.

Company "Region-Service" offers ink jet printers, which marks of the goods is carried out with the use of multiple printheads, which greatly increases the speed of production department.  With the purchase of this printer marking of goods will be quick and simple, and maintenance costs will be minimal, due to the high technological machines.