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Marking of wires and cables

S mark kabeleiMarking of wires and cables  – an integral part of the production process. Marking wires and cables includes the process of applying to the surface of the product textual and graphical information. Information applied to notify customers and regulatory authorities of the technological features of the goods.

For applying marking information using different technologies. the fastest and most economical way is to use print printers. Such devices are very fast, easy to use and not costly.

Company "Region-Service" deliver such devices – printed printer series A, which is marking wires and cables. This marking is fully automated and requires virtually no third-party intervention.

The print unit can perform a quick marking of products with rough surface. This technological capability is provided by a large distance during operation between the print head and the surface of the wire (cable).  Marking wires and cables with the help of this printer is very fast. The date and time can be used for marking products in several ways. It is possible to apply shelf life, batch number. In the process, have the opportunity to put the text size up to four lines. Use different matrices, lowercase and uppercase letters, print national characters. Graphic editor allows you to apply product graphic image, created using.

During operation it is possible to use inks of several colors. Among the advantages of printing a transparent ink that is visible only when illuminated with ultraviolet light. Ink is used very economically, which makes the process of applying low-cost.

Company "Region-Service" makes the sale of the device, which marking wires and cables runs as efficiently as possible.