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Marking printer with 5 heads

S mark 5 golFor quick marking eggs company "Region-Service" offers to buy marking printer with 5 heads. This kind of marking machine is used for applying text information about the product directly on the surface. In this case, marking printer with 5 heads uses the technology of ink jet marking. During printing head marking machine does not touch the surface of eggs. Thanks to this technology is the ability to print on uneven surfaces. A text string is obtained perfectly smooth and clear. Coding device pathology ideal uses ink, fast and silent.

Marking printer with 5 heads has  a separate control unit for each of the heads. To work effectively, you must connect your device to the computer to install the software, which implements the operation of the machine.  During operation, the balls move along the conveyor trays. Five heads quickly cope with the task without delaying the production process.

For marking printer with 5 heads you will need only one worker who will monitor and control the process. As the work machine is fully automated, human intervention will be minimal.  Marking is performed in a contactless manner that ensures the safety of goods during the marking.