Packing eggs

S mark taruEggs are very fragile product during transportation is very often broken due to improper packaging. In order to minimize the loss of product during transportation  used packer eggs.  this technique makes the process of packaging products fully-automated.

Packing eggs is made with a special packaging machine. She carefully lays each egg in the tray, minimizing loss during styling. Packer eggs buy best when there are high volumes of production, and not able to hire additional labour. The lifetime of such device for several years. His coat is made of soft material which does not damage the eggs during packing. During operation packer eggs does not break and does not require special care. 

At this stage there are several kinds of sorters. They differ in size, capacity and number of exits for eggs. The packaging process can be both manual and fully automated. The lowest performance will be 10 thousand eggs per hour, the highest is 80 thousand per hour (in the case of the sorting machine Sirio 80).

Company "Region-Service" is the official representative of several companies,  selling coin sorting machines. Among them, Vega, Sirio Sime-Tek.