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Conveyor for the trays

During transport of eggs very often there is a problem of significant losses of manufactured products. The purpose of their minimization applies special package - conveyor for the trays. Reliable packaging  allows not only to ensure the safety of the product, but also allows you to create reliable conditions for its storage. If you buy a conveyor for trays, for a long period of time it will maintain a stable temperature and storage conditions.

Company "Region-Service" offers to buy conveyor for trays, made of durable cardboard. In the process of moving it is not torn and does not bend.  There is a possibility to place eggs in an amount up to 30 pieces. Cardboard packaging for eggs - the most eco-friendly option since she made from recycled raw materials. Cardboard packaging are presented in different colors, open and closed type.

Beautiful packaging is the key to successful merchandising. When choosing the products, buyer first drew attention to the neatly packed containers. She is able to inspire confidence and to create a positive picture of the product. Also, "Region-Service" offers various types of sorters and packers of eggs that make the process fully-automated production.