Videojet ink

S chernila videojetProduct labelling is an important part of the production process. The most effective for marking products - ink VideoJet, that have all the essential parameters for the deposition of high-quality printing. Used ink VideoJet give the opportunity to put information on the product clearly. This attribute is very important and allows you to make a recognizable marking for the buyer. Poor quality ink is susceptible to environmental factors: moisture, temperature, sunlight, and eventually fade. It is therefore better to buy ink VideoJet, which gives a absolute bright saturation labeling and provides the ability to not bleed on the surface of the material.

Ink for marking

Company "Region-Service" offers to buy ink VideoJet produced in Germany and comply with the quality standards of the European space. Most companies offer to use cheaper on the cost of ink for marking, but in its basic properties they are worse,  in addition they lead to unsuitability all the details of the printing printer. If you buy ink for marking from a quality manufacturer, then the machine will last a long time, will work quickly and operating costs will be lower because the nozzle of the printer need to be cleaned less often.

Buy ink for marking from Videojet choose manufacturers who care about their own equipment, and we are always happy to help in buying a quality product.