Marking printer PROXIMA B6

Analogue marking printer PRIMUM B1. The difference is the presence of six independent channels that operate from a single photosensor.


marking of eggs in classifying machines (such as sime-tek,staal kat,nabel,moba)
marking other surfaces absorb
mark wood
marking of corrugated packaging.


  • The printer can produce long-lasting and clear printing on variety of surfaces, including porous and rough materials of irregular shapes such as chicken eggs, extruded gaskets.
  • Non-contact printing technology is used to avoid problems printing on curved surfaces (there is a significant distance of 50 mm between the print head and the object).
  • The text up to 2 lines using a variety of matrices, upper and lower case letters, including the use of national symbols.
  • The graph with the set of graphic characters, a built-in and user-created using the built in graphic editor (optional).
  • Time and date can be used for automatic printing of production date/shelf life, with different options for encoding date and time; built-in counters allow you to print batch number, product, and other dynamically changing information.
  • The printer is fully automated and supported by a control system that issues a warning if operator intervention is required.
  • Optionally the printer is equipped with an interface that works with any PC, which occurs under Windows ® via RS-232 or RS-485.


The number of points in Marche vertically16, 24, 32
The Number of rows print1-4
The maximum length of the brand, points horizontally1488
Character height, mmfrom 1,5 to 25
Working environment temperature+18...+35 Со
The distance from the printhead to the object, mm4-50
Volume ink tank, l1
The voltage220 V, 50 Hz
Control unit dimensions, mm300х236х450
Printhead dimensionsдовжина: 245 мм
діаметр: 42,2 мм
довжина кондуїту: 2 м


Use water-based ink of red, blue, green, black colors.
The presence of a health certificate for ink entitles you to use of the device for marking eggs.
1 liter of ink sufficient to cause ~ 90 million characters.