Marking printer PROXIMA В2

Analogue marking printer PRIMUM B1.The difference is the presence of two independent heads that print the same information that work from two independent photo-sensors.


marking of laminated packaging
marking of corrugated packaging
marking PVC pipes
marking of laminated packaging marking of corrugated packaging marking PVC pipes marking glass container
labeling cans
labeling of cables
marking of PET bottles.


  • The printer can produce long-lasting and clear printing on variety of surfaces, including glossy, porous and rough materials of irregular shapes such as cables, pipes, insulation accessories, fur or extruded gaskets.
  • Non-contact printing technology is used to avoid problems printing on curved surfaces (there is a significant distance of 50 mm between the print head and the object).
  • The text up to 4 lines using a variety of matrices, upper and lower case letters, including the use of national symbols.
  • The graph with the set of graphic characters, a built-in and user-created using the built in graphic editor (optional).
  • Time and date can be used for automatic printing of production date/shelf-life, with a choice of different coding options date and time; built-in counters allow you to print batch number, product, and other dynamically changing information.
  • The printer is fully automated and supported by a control system that issues a warning if operator intervention is required.
  • Optionally the printer is equipped with an interface that works with any PC, which occurs under Windows ® via RS-232 or RS-485.
  • Applies the automatic washing nozzle, traps and vacuum circuits.


The number of points in Marche vertically8, 16
The Number of rows print1-4
The maximum length of the brand, points horizontally1488
Maximum print speed characters/second256
Character height, mmfrom 1,5 to 25
Working environment temperature+18...+35 Со
The distance from the printhead to the object, mm4-50
Volume ink tank, l1
The voltage220 V, 50 Hz
Control unit dimensions, mm300х236х450
Printhead dimensionslenth: 245 mm
diametr: 42,2 mm
conduit lenth: 2 m


Ink is used wide range of colors, including transparent, visible only under ultraviolet light.
1 litre of ink sufficient to cause ~ 90 million characters.